Big Radio Advertising – Big Engagement

The reason an overwhelming majority of Americans spend a lot of time listening to radio every week (93% of Americans spend nearly 13 hours on average every week listening to AM/FM Radio) is because they have a highly engaged, personal connection to not only individual radio stations but the on-air personalities at those stations.

The Jacobs Media consulting firm asked over 40,000 radio listeners why they listened to the radio and some of the top responses show a very personal connection to radio:

  • 55% of radio listeners listen because of the DJs, hosts and shows on the radio
  • 45% use the radio to keep them company
  • 40% listen to the radio because it puts them in a better mood

People are so connected to Radio that more people would be very disappointed if their favorite radio station went away than if Facebook went away!

Why does it matter to Marketers that 82% of listeners feel they have a personal relationship with their favorite DJ? Or that 70% of Adults consider radio personalities to be “relatable”, “authentic” and would truly miss them if they were gone?

It matters to Marketers because that personal relationship, relatability and authenticity can influence consumer purchase decisions and build significant top-of-mind brand awareness.

In fact, when it came to the very personal and important decision of healthcare services Radio topped TV, Social Media, Direct Mail and was 2x as effective as Newspapers as having an effect on individuals healthcare decisions. Over 50% of individuals said a testimonial from their favorite radio personality positively increases their trust.