Big Radio Advertising – Big Impressions

Most people do not “tune out” during the commercial breaks on radio. On average 93% of listeners over the age of 6 years old stay “tuned in” to a station during commercial breaks. Among people age 65+, radio delivers 98% of the lead-in audience when commercials play.

Compare that to only 42% of newspaper readership taking notice of your full page print ad. Or only 36% of newspaper readership reading the Front Page of the newspaper.

And according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau (“IAB”) only 46% of all your digital “impressions” are actually viewable by human beings. You’re paying for 100% of your digital impressions even though only 46% of them are seen by an actual person! On top of that, in order to be considered “viewable” only 50% of your digital ad has to be visible for an entire ONE second.

On the radio 100% of your ad is heard for a whole 30 seconds!